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Wednesday, March 12

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A.A. Bondy Club de Ville Arp The Thirsty Nickel Best Fwends Habana Calle 6 Birds of Wales Wave Rooftop Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears Emo's Main Room Blunt Force Trauma Red 7 Brandon Jenkins Central Presbyterian Church Casket Salesmen Emo's Annex Cliff Brown Jr Victorian Room at The Driskill Daryl Hall SXSW Live (The Lone Star Lounge) ACC Day For Night Maggie Mae's Rooftop Devon Williams Maggie Mae's DJ Pajaro Continental Club DJ Rapid Ric Fuze DJ Sun Barcelona Eric Hutchinson 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Erin McCarley Ninety Proof Lounge Evil Bebos Red 7 Patio Foot Patrol Beauty Bar Ford Turrell Stephen F's Bar Frontier Ruckus Soho Lounge Ghosthustler Beauty Bar Backyard Jesca Hoop Buffalo Billiards Jet Lag BD Riley's Kalashnikov Bourbon Rocks Karl Blau Emo's IV Lounge Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden Wave Laura Barrett Habana Calle 6 Patio Le Baron Opal Divine's Freehouse Lily Electric Bourbon Rocks Patio Lorrie Matheson The Velveeta Room Maki Rinka The Rio Matt King The Ale House Mostly Bears Club 115 Nick Butcher Maggie Mae's Gibson Room Night Of Pleasure Lamberts Patio Oliver Future Volume Paper Rad Emo's Jr Phil and the Osophers Mohawk Patio Pleasant Grove Friends Red Leaves Momo's Simian Mobile Disco Antone's Sleepy Vahn Fado Patio Sounds Under Radio Blind Pig Rooftop Stanton Meadowdale Lamberts Summerbirds in the Cellar Stubb's The Bad Rackets Red Eyed Fly The Barker Band Latitude 30 The Chocolate Horse Spiro's The Feds Spiro's Amphitheater The Lifters Habana Annex The Little Bicycles Room 710 The Optimysticals The Hideout The Service Industry Light Bar The Story Of Smokin' Music presented by Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company The Thirst Vice The Upsidedown Cedar Door Walter Hyatt Tribute Austin Music Hall Zambri The Parish Bayonics Union Park DJ Lounge (8pm-12am) PureVolume Ranch Huggs Whiskey Bar (Front Room) Orange Kahn Trophy's Rails To Russia Chain Drive Spunk'd Movie Screening (8pm-12am) The Music Gym Unicorn Media Launch Party (8pm-2am) Union Park

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Aaron Lacrate Beauty Bar Backyard Afenginn The Rio Air Waves Mohawk American Bang Ninety Proof Lounge Beasts and Superbeasts Wave Rooftop Bruce Robison Pangaea Call Me Lightning Mohawk Patio Carlis Star Smokin' Music presented by Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company Colossus Red 7 Patio Corn Mo and the .357 Lover Beauty Bar Dazzling King Solomon Band Emo's Annex Deer Tick Club de Ville Descartes a Kant Opal Divine's Freehouse DJ Rhettmatic Habana Annex Backyard Dr. Delay Barcelona Eric Hisaw The Ale House Free Blood Emo's Jr FREE SOL Flamingo Cantina Freezepop Prague George Stanford Esther's Follies Goldspot Buffalo Billiards Graveyard Bourbon Rocks Hecuba The Hideout Hysterics Maggie Mae's Rooftop Jenny Reynolds The Velveeta Room Jeremy Fisher 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Jeremy Jay Emo's IV Lounge Johnathan Rice Stubb's Kate Bradley / The Goodbye Horses Momo's Longwave Emo's Main Room Madeline Spiro's Maggie Horn Scoot Inn Malcolm Holcombe Stephen F's Bar Marla Hansen Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn Michelle Schumann & Austin Chamber Music Center St David's Church Moke Bourbon Rocks Patio Monte Negro Continental Club Pataphysics Club 115 Phantom Limb Habana Annex RadioRadio Friends Rodney Fisher Victorian Room at The Driskill Steve Smith Wave Sunburned Hand of the Man The Thirsty Nickel Teenage Bottlerocket Spiro's Amphitheater Television Ghost Lamberts The Cansecos Habana Calle 6 Patio The Circle G'z Fuze The Photo Atlas Cedar Door The Red Romance Volume The Unholy Two Lamberts Patio The Weather Underground Blind Pig Rooftop The Young Republic Latitude 30 These New Puritans Antone's Triplewide Fado Patio We Were The States Light Bar When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Red Eyed Fly Wild Light The Parish Wolfkin BD Riley's Zookeeper Central Presbyterian Church Zykos Maggie Mae's Brent Best Mother Egan's Stareyes Whiskey Bar (Front Room) Table Manners Crew Whiskey Bar (Back Room) Weapons, Roses on Her Grave Orchid Wiretree Chain Drive IBID Alamo Lamar 1 Nosebleed Alamo Lamar 1 Present Company Dobie

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43 Songs About 43 Presidencies Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn Alina Simone 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Bad Veins Dirty Dog Bar Band of Thieves Habana Annex Bjorn Torske The Thirsty Nickel Bonnie Bramlett Pangaea Ceci Bastida Continental Club Chester French Volume Crunc Tesla Beauty Bar Backyard Dan Mangan The Velveeta Room Delorean Maggie Mae's Rooftop Delta Spirit Emo's Main Room Demon's Claws Lamberts Dirty Sweet Spiro's Amphitheater DJ Dave P La Zona Rosa Ed Harcourt Smokin' Music presented by Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company Eddie Whalen St David's Church Eliot Lipp Barcelona Faceless Werewolves Beauty Bar Fatal Flying Guilloteens Mohawk Patio Faux Fox Club 115 Game Rebellion Vice Geoff Reacher Spiro's Hopewell Bourbon Rocks Jah Sun Flamingo Cantina Jeff Hughes & Chaparral The Ale House Jeffrey Lewis & The Jitters Club de Ville Jen Lane Momo's Kanko Opal Divine's Freehouse Kid Beyond Prague Kim Fontaine Victorian Room at The Driskill Kim Taylor Esther's Follies Kirsten Ketsjer Mohawk Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Latitude 30 Lightspeed Champion Antone's Mahjongg Emo's IV Lounge Marianas Trench Wave Rooftop Meriwether Bourbon Rocks Patio MINK Blind Pig Rooftop Necropolis Lamberts Patio Papercranes Stubb's Peter and the Wolf Central Presbyterian Church Peter Moren The Parish Pinstripe BD Riley's Pretty and Nice Emo's Annex Public Offenders Fuze Rupa and The April Fishes The Rio Saint Bernadette Wave Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves Fado Patio Salt & Samovar Buffalo Billiards Scary Mansion The Hideout The Black Ghosts Karma Lounge The Jane Shermans Ninety Proof Lounge The Low Lows Friends The Playing Favorites Red Eyed Fly The Rodeo Stephen F's Bar Thunderlip Red 7 Patio Tiger! Tiger! Light Bar Tyler Read Cedar Door Wax Fang Maggie Mae's Woodhands Habana Calle 6 Patio Bird Peterson Whiskey Bar (Front Room) Enfoe Whiskey Bar (Back Room) Lovewhip The Music Gym My X Girlfriend Chain Drive Scorpion Child Beauty Bar (inside stage) Semi Precious Orchid Flawless Alamo Lamar 2

10:05pm CDT

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AM Stephen F's Bar AM Syndicate Ninety Proof Lounge Apsci Scoot Inn Bitter End Red 7 Bowerbirds Central Presbyterian Church Camp X-Ray Red Eyed Fly Caps & Jones Barcelona Capsula BD Riley's Car Stereo (Wars) Beauty Bar Chalie Boy Fuze Charanga Cakewalk The Rio Daniel Francis Doyle Fado Patio Daniel Lanois Pangaea Dead Confederate Stubb's Diskjokke The Thirsty Nickel Division Day Buffalo Billiards Earl Greyhound Vice Earthless Bourbon Rocks Eastern Conference Champions Bourbon Rocks Patio Electric Touch Spiro's Amphitheater Everthus the Deadbeats Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn Femurs Maggie Mae's Fluokids Beauty Bar Backyard Freddie Stevenson Wave Gentleman Auction House Club 115 God Fires Man Cedar Door Grady Habana Annex Greta Gaines The Ale House Guinea Worms Lamberts Patio Hallelujah The Hills Friends Hank IV Lamberts Hey Negrita Latitude 30 Holly Conlan Victorian Room at The Driskill IB3 Molotov Lounge Inner Visions Flamingo Cantina John P. Strohm 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Kaki King Club de Ville Katie Stuckey The Velveeta Room Los Dynamite Opal Divine's Freehouse Maneja Beto Continental Club Middle Class Rut Blind Pig Rooftop Monareta Copa Nana Grizol Spiro's Okkervil River feat. Roky Erickson Austin Music Hall Pattern is Movement Maggie Mae's Gibson Room Peel Maggie Mae's Rooftop Percee P Habana Annex Backyard Saturday Looks Good to Me Emo's IV Lounge Set Aflame Red 7 Patio Sons & Daughters Antone's Spottiswoode & His Enemies Volume Tammany Hall Machine Momo's The Bang Gang Deejays Karma Lounge The Clutters Light Bar The Details Wave Rooftop The Ironweed Project Prague The Law Smokin' Music presented by Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company The Mae Shi Mohawk The Nightwatchman Esther's Follies The Plastic Constellations Mohawk Patio The Russian Futurists Habana Calle 6 Patio The Sleepover Disaster The Hideout The Slits Elysium The Von Bondies Emo's Annex Walter Meego The Parish Dirty Hearts Chain Drive Fourcolorzack/Pretty Titty Whiskey Bar (Back Room) Muchos Backflips Trophy's NickNack Whiskey Bar (Front Room) Ringers Orchid I Slammed My Dick in the Drawer Alamo Ritz 2 RSO [Registered Sex Offender] Alamo Ritz 2

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