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Saturday, March 15

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A.J. Croce Lamberts Atlas Sound Prague Bat Makumba Copa Bella Club 115 Black Diamond Heavies Fado Patio Black Tie Dynasty Wave Blitzen Trapper Bourbon Rocks C-Mon & Kypski Karma Lounge Castanets Central Presbyterian Church Cheveu Spiro's Chingo Bling Fuze Constantines Antone's Cosmo Baker Beauty Bar Creature Maggie Mae's Dalek Friends Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Ninety Proof Lounge Destroyer The Parish FM3 The Hideout Girl In A Coma Jovita's Joseph Arthur Buffalo Billiards Ketchup Mania Elysium King of Prussia Light Bar Let's Go Sailing Victorian Room at The Driskill Lucero Red Eyed Fly Lyrics Born Cedar Street Courtyard Magic Christian BD Riley's Make A Rising St David's Church My Dad is Dead Habana Annex N.E.R.D. Stubb's Nada Surf Cedar Door North Mississippi Allstars Opal Divine's Freehouse Panda Dirty Dog Bar Robyn Pangaea Sasquatch Room 710 Scissors for Lefty The Thirsty Nickel Scouting For Girls Maggie Mae's Rooftop Shawn Mullins 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Shy Child Emo's IV Lounge South Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn Story of The Year Habana Annex Backyard Supersuckers Emo's Annex Sway Molotov Lounge Sybris Maggie Mae's Gibson Room Tech N9ne Volume The Bad Trips Spiro's Amphitheater The English Beat Momo's The Legendary Shack Shakers The Ale House The Mint Chicks Beauty Bar Backyard The Rascals Wave Rooftop The Silos The Tap Room at Six Tilly and the Wall Habana Calle 6 Patio Tommy Womack Stephen F's Bar Weedeater Blind Pig Rooftop White Denim Club de Ville The Crack Pipes Beerland The Hush Sound PureVolume Ranch

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60 Tigres Maggie Mae's Gibson Room Baumer Spiro's Beangrowers Habana Annex Bell 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Big Sid Austin Music Hall Bird Peterson Friends Blowing Trees Habana Annex Backyard Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel with David Grissom, Stephen Bruton and Brannen Temple Cedar Door Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears Esther's Follies Calhoun Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn Caps & Jones Beauty Bar Cosmo Baker Karma Lounge D Folmer Opal Divine's Freehouse David Bazan Maggie Mae's Rooftop Deer Tick Mohawk Patio DJ Wrecka Fuze Duffy Stubb's ETC Elephant Room Ferras La Zona Rosa Flynn D Light Bar Foreign Islands Mohawk Frank Smith Habana Calle 6 Patio Fruet & Os Cozinheiros Club 115 Hafdis Huld Wave Rooftop Home Blitz Blind Pig Rooftop Hoots and Hellmouth Buffalo Billiards Ian McLagan and the Bump Band Antone's Ice Cube Auditorium Shores Stage (Lady Bird Lake) J-Boogie Club de Ville Jacob Golden St David's Church Jade McNelis Stephen F's Bar Jaymay Maggie Mae's Justice Yeldham Scoot Inn Knuckle Yummy Continental Club Larry Yes The Hideout Lipstick Terror Spiro's Amphitheater Love You Moon Emo's IV Lounge Luke Temple Fado Patio Magic Bullets Bourbon Rocks Maki Rinka Elysium Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands Red Eyed Fly Mau Mau Chaplains Flamingo Cantina Melissa McClelland and the White Falcon The Velveeta Room Misha Lamberts Monotonix Bourbon Rocks Patio Nick Catchdubs Volume Nicole Atkins SXSW Live (The Lone Star Lounge) ACC Nurses (SF) The Tap Room at Six Oppenheimer Emo's Main Room Planningtorock Pangaea Power Pill Fist The Thirsty Nickel Rachel Brown Victorian Room at The Driskill Ruby Jane Jovita's Shiko Mawatu Copa Son, Ambulance Dirty Dog Bar Spiral Beach Momo's Team Robespierre Emo's Jr Terp 2 It Ninety Proof Lounge The Fairline Parkway Habana Calle 6 The Indelicates The Rio The Mullens Soho Lounge The Nymphets Beauty Bar Backyard The Score Red 7 The Teenage Prayers Lamberts Patio Tift Merritt The Parish Tiny Masters of Today Cedar Street Courtyard Tristan Perich Molotov Lounge Troublemaker Vice Tulsa (MA) Emo's Annex Tungsten Coil The Ale House Ume BD Riley's Vanilla Sky Wave Boxcar Preachers Ginger Man Pub DJ Lounge (8-11pm) PureVolume Ranch Magic Bullets Bourbon Rocks Rapid Ric Whisky Bar (front room) Rock Box Whisky Bar (back room) Say Hello to the Angels Tiniest Bar in Texas Sticks n' Stones (The Rolling Stones Cover Band) Ego's The Ohcees UT Communications Courtyard Two High String Band Central Market North Heavy Metal in Baghdad Alamo Ritz 2

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$hit and $hine Scoot Inn Andre Williams Continental Club Back Ted N-Ted The Hideout Basswood Lane Fuze Bing Ji Ling Club de Ville Boubacar Diebate Copa Cap D Prague Care Bears on Fire Lamberts Patio Christina Carter & Shawn David McMillen Central Presbyterian Church Dax Riggs Cedar Door Del Castillo Antone's Do-The-Undo Habana Annex Donny Hue and the Colors Habana Calle 6 Dreamend The Thirsty Nickel Edison Glass Esther's Follies Fat Tony & D ee R ai L Light Bar Gustavo Alberto Maggie Mae's Gibson Room Ha Ha Tonka Red Eyed Fly Hanne Hukkelberg Emo's Jr Hollerado Momo's Hong Kong Blood Opera The Ale House Io Echo Cedar Street Courtyard Jacques Renault & Justin Miller Pangaea Jahcoozi Karma Lounge Jenn Grant The Velveeta Room Jim Noir Maggie Mae's Rooftop Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong Emo's Main Room John William Gordon Elephant Room Kaddisfly Habana Annex Backyard Katchafire Flamingo Cantina KbN Elysium KOOPA Wave Ladyfinger (NE) Dirty Dog Bar Lazaro Casanova Vice M. Ward (solo) St David's Church Mission to the Sea 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Moonrats Emo's IV Lounge No Kids Lamberts Okkervil River Stubb's Paper Route Records Austin Music Hall Pig Out Mohawk Patio Record Hop Buffalo Billiards Ryan Cabrera La Zona Rosa Shina Rae Ninety Proof Lounge Tanya Tagaq Beauty Bar Backyard The Cab Spiro's Amphitheater The Ettes Wave Rooftop The Heart Attacks Red 7 The High Strung Emo's Annex The Lemonheads SXSW Live (The Bat Bar) ACC The Most Serene Republic The Parish The Muslims Maggie Mae's The Pendletons Fado Patio The Quebe Sisters Band Jovita's The Redwalls The Rio The Second Grace Stephen F's Bar The Subjects BD Riley's The Theater Fire Opal Divine's Freehouse Twin Crystals Beauty Bar Vivian Girls Mohawk What Laura Says Thinks and Feels Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn Dead Confederate The Belmont NickNack Whisky Bar (front room) Ouch! (The Rutles Cover Band) Ego's The Calm Blue Sea Tiniest Bar in Texas Unfortunate Heads Ginger Man Pub Your Vegas Orchid

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Ben Jelen Cedar Door Carbon/Silicon SXSW Live (The Lone Star Lounge) ACC Cherine Anderson Flamingo Cantina Christine Fellows The Velveeta Room Coma in Algiers The Hideout Constantines The Parish Crew 54 Light Bar Damage Elysium DJ Scotch Egg Scoot Inn Experimental Aircraft The Thirsty Nickel Georgie James Dirty Dog Bar Goes Cube Maggie Mae's Guy Forsyth Antone's Hello Seahorse! Maggie Mae's Gibson Room Innerpartysystem Habana Annex Backyard James Yuill Emo's Jr Jim James St David's Church John Ralston 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Jon Dee Graham Continental Club Justin Townes Earle Red Eyed Fly Khan Karma Lounge Krum Bums Red 7 Lobi Traore & Joep Pelt Copa Low vs Diamond Wave Rooftop Maps & Atlases Emo's IV Lounge Mark DeNardo Molotov Lounge Matthew Good Momo's Meredith Bragg and the Terminals Habana Calle 6 Midtown Dickens Stephen F's Bar Model/Actress Wave Morning State Fado Patio Nada Surf Maggie Mae's Rooftop Nadja The Ale House Neimo Lamberts Patio Oh No! Oh My! Buffalo Billiards Ponytail Mohawk Patio Pride Tiger Esther's Follies Ra Ra Riot Emo's Annex Roky Erickson Stubb's Scarub Prague Socalled Beauty Bar Backyard Something With Numbers La Zona Rosa Son Lux Lamberts Space City Gamelan Central Presbyterian Church Team Facelift Ninety Proof Lounge The 144 ELiTE Fuze The A-Sides Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn The Bloody Beetroots Vice The Deadly Syndrome Cedar Street Courtyard The End of the World BD Riley's The Homosexuals Beauty Bar The Hush Sound Spiro's Amphitheater The Raveonettes Emo's Main Room The Victorian English Gentlemens Club The Rio We Are Standard Habana Annex Whitley Opal Divine's Freehouse Woods Mohawk Diagonals Salvage Vanguard Theater Firekills Tiniest Bar in Texas Jeff and Vida Ginger Man Pub The Daylight Orchid The Eggmen (The Beatles Cover Band) Ego's Troublemaker/Tate La Rock Whisky Bar (front room) The Visitor Alamo Lamar 2

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Afrobots Maggie Mae's Anders Parker St David's Church Apache Beat Beauty Bar Attack in Black Momo's Best Friends Forever Mohawk Channel 3 Red 7 Colourmusic Maggie Mae's Rooftop Deadstring Brothers Red Eyed Fly Dev/Null Scoot Inn Inside Stage Dokkebi Q Flamingo Cantina Doug Burr Opal Divine's Freehouse Elizabeth Wills 18th Floor at Hilton Garden Inn Elliott Brood The Velveeta Room Ezra Furman & The Harpoons Habana Annex Hanson La Zona Rosa Hymns Cedar Door Ian Moore Fado Patio James Intveld Continental Club Jason Collett The Parish John Smith Stephen F's Bar Juan Son Maggie Mae's Gibson Room Knyfe Hyts Mohawk Patio LA Riots Vice Laura Gibson The Thirsty Nickel Look See Proof Wave Rooftop Lord T and Eloise Ninety Proof Lounge Mannequin Men BD Riley's Nameless Sound Collection Central Presbyterian Church Neon Neon Cedar Street Courtyard Neva Dinova Dirty Dog Bar One Mississippi Wave Panda Habana Annex Backyard Patrice Pike Antone's Phantom Planet Spiro's Amphitheater Rattletree Marimba Copa Shining Emo's Jr Shir Khan Karma Lounge Sightings Scoot Inn SYME Esther's Follies Tally Hall Buffalo Billiards Tera Melos Emo's IV Lounge The LK Habana Calle 6 The Singles The Rio The Summer Wardrobe Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn The Teeth Emo's Annex Thee Oh Sees Lamberts Think About Life Beauty Bar Backyard This Will Destroy You The Hideout Tigercity Lamberts Patio Toddle Elysium Tub Ring The Ale House Big Mess (Devo Cover Band) Ego's Dave Nada Whisky Bar (front room) Foreign Islands Salvage Vanguard Theater Jupiter Rising PureVolume Ranch Liam and Me Orchid The Koreans The Music Gym Toy Hearts Ginger Man Pub

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