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Thursday, March 13 • 9:00pm - 9:30pm
Tim Fite

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Brooklyn-based multi-genrist Tim Fite garnered rave reviews for his album, Over The Counter Culture, which has been available for FREE download through his website (www.timfite.com), iTunes, and emusic since February 2007 and has received over 50,000 downloads. Go get it now! Fite’s fifteen tracker – a blistering examination of commercial culture and it's adverse effects on life in general, and on rap music specifically – has yielded acclaim from Billboard, SPIN, National Public Radio’s Sound Opinions, The Boston Globe and The Chicago Tribune. “One of the best albums of the year can’t be bought,” writes The Tribune’s Greg Kot. “Over the Counter Culture is both a critique and a celebration of hip-hop. It’s packed with crackling beats, wicked humor and ‘did he just say that?’ audacity.” Billboard’s Todd Martens proclaimed, “it's the must-hear album of 2007, a scathingly sarcastic look and consumerism, politics and corporate hip-hop.” Over The Counter Culture is a genre departure from Fite's "normal" cataloge and specifically his debut Gone Ain't Gone (ANTI-) which could be lumped into the established categories of alt-country and Americana, but is really neither of these things. Why? Well, Tim Fite lives alone in a Brooklyn graveyard. In this graveyard, there are no headstones, no mausoleums, no flowers, no plot maps, no sprinklers, no astroturf; there aren't even any dead bodies – that is, unless you count the stacks and stacks of bargain bin CD's that are strewed about the apartment, poking out of every nook and cranny of the otherwise orderly fourth floor walk up. CD cases clatter around on the floor like the plastic skeletons of every band you've never heard of, a sobering display of thousands of discarded, disbanded, or quite simply dissed rock-and-roll dreams. It seems that Fite's home may in fact be the place where music goes to die. However, Fite is on a quest to reverse the effects of musical mortality. In his jewel case graveyard, Tim Fite is reanimating the corpses of the countless under-appreciated and overlooked songs that, due to misunderstanding and/or maltreatment, have sadly lost their will to go on. Fite begins his resurrection process working much like a hip-hop producer, sampling chunks from his bargain bin cadavers in order to create a basic foundation for his compositions. The only limitation Tim sets for himself is that the records he works from must never cost more than a dollar. Once the foundation for a song has been laid, Tim then fills in the blanks with his own music, fleshing out the performances of his unwitting collaborators with added instrumentation, ranging in scope from acoustic guitar to hammer on folding-chair. After the music has been fully assembled and approved, it is time to infuse the music with the reinvigorating breath of life. This life breath is found in the form of Tim's vocals which stand out as the dominating element of his songs. Whether singing with a lag-beat twang, spitting like a super-mc, or screaming bloody hell from a burning voice box, Tim Fite seems to always know exactly the right thing to say and exactly the right time to say it, blending his multiplicity of vocal styles together seamlessly. Tim recently completed his proper follow-up to "Gone Ain't Gone" entitled “Fair Ain’t Fair” due out on ANTI- May 6, 2008.

Thursday March 13, 2008 9:00pm - 9:30pm
Cedar Street Courtyard 208 W 4th St

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