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Wednesday, March 12 • 9:00pm - 9:30pm

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WOLFKIN: BRAND NEW PANTS With the release of their debut album BRAND NEW PANTS, Wolfkin, lets us into an already mature world of great lyrical and musical depths and nuances, - something you rarely see in a debut album. The reason for this musical maturity can be found in the fact that the two musical partners (Lars Vognstrup (from Money Your Love & Junior Senior live), and Kristian Godtfredsen (from Sleeping Agents)), lived together in the same co-op and therefore knew each other long before they ever started making music together. It all began when music floated through the thin walls of the co-op, and soon the mutual curiosity lead to a recording of Kristian’s guitar, which over night at Lars’s place was made into the song “7th heaven”. Both were exited about their creation and began to develop new ideas for songs. For a while they kept it pretty much to themselves though, only playing it to their nearest friends. Lars was at that time touring as part of Junior Senior’s backing band and the song “Brand new pants”, which was later to become the title song of their debut album, was played over and over again in the tour bus. The rest of the band loved the music and encouraged Lars to go further with the project and record more songs with Kristian. The drummer in the band was at that time Jesper Reginal, co-owner at Crunchy Frog Rocordings, and - it’s tempting to say - …the rest is history! …But before the rest is history almost two years had to pass… Mexico-City/Copenhagen: Back and forth Before they even had plans of making an album, the duo kept developing their peculiar passionate, dark, humorous, sexy, and philosophical musical universe, loaded with references to b-movies, drugs, alcohol and the magic of love. These are all influences that define and are defined by the songs, which where all created in collaboration between the two friends - as a synergism without selfish motives, an energy that optimized the creative potential. The songs were recorded partly in Mexico City, where Lars lived for a period, and partly in the home studio at Bryggen in Copenhagen. It’s easy to trace the Southamerican influence in several songs and titles. Time went by and suddenly Wolfkin had a name and 9 songs that resembled the embryo of an album. Time had come to present it to the world. Again, Crunchy Frog was first in line to listen, and we did not hesitate to offer Wolfkin a record deal. Rarely have we heard such a self-confident debut album! Wolfkin is grounded in their own innovative style – a sort of retro modern, if is such a thing exists! They exel at uniting abstract thoughts, heartfelt emotions, sarcastic humor and impertinent badass attitude... Before the signing Lars wrote from his exile in Mexico City: “’Wol’f means ‘Wolf’, ‘kin’ is german and doesn’t mean ‘child’, but ‘species’ or ‘type’. I don’t know why our vibe all of the sudden became ‘wolfy’. A song had to have something ‘wolfy’ about it otherwise it was discarded. To be wolkin is to share mindset with other “wolfs” [a reference to Steppeulvene, a Danish beatband from the sixties] ‘I am bloody anima all instinct no intend’ – your needs can never be repressed no matter how bad it gets. It depends on the eye of the beholder. You get exactly what you want to get from it. To me it’s important that the music and the graphics present a unified vibe. It’s Wolfkin. It also the forties kind of style, wild parties, blond bitches, white dresses, and lots of alchohol and fornication. Danger and evil seem to lurk behind the heavy aesthetics. Am I getting close to a definition? Maybe I have come up with some odd explanations. It’s not meant to be an intrusive meddling with peoples heads”. The album BRAND NEW PANTS is a cinematographic path loaded with drama, entanglements and patos, but it takes you exactly where you need to go. A touch of Cohen and Cave, a dash of the theatrical elements of Bowie mixed in Wolfkins electronical laboratory, with Portishhead-ish retro samplings, playful references to both low- and high cultural musical inspirations, and a balance between the melodic and experimental aspects: If you like that, then BRAND NEW PANTS is the debut album of the year, and Wolfkin is your new favorite band! BRAND NEW PANTS was released as CD and vinyl august 2006. Wolfkin have toured Germany who has taken BRAND NEW PANTS. Lars and Kristian have toured the Copenhagen with their “Sing into the Can Tour” and are presently preparing the release of BRAND NEW PANTS in the US 2008 through Ryko Distribution.

Wednesday March 12, 2008 9:00pm - 9:30pm
BD Riley's 204 E 6th St

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