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Friday, March 14 • 1:00am - 1:30am

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Neptune's origins trace to 1994 as a student art project by sculptor/musician Jason Sanford, who, in order to create a new music medium while simultaneously destroying the posture of five young men, forged heavy, menacing-looking guitars and drums out of circular saw blades, gas tanks, oil drums, bike parts, VCR casings and miscellaneous scrap metal found in the trash. Neptune was assembled to showcase these contraptions in the winter of the same year and has evolved into a full time band that has traversed the US and Europe several times. The early guitars were haphazard and untunable, resulting in the atonal garage clamor of the early recordings. With several different members and collaborators over the years, the music has evolved with the instruments blending the traditional sounds of rock & roll with what sounds like mistake day at the ball bearing factory. The current three-piece lineup relies as heavily on home-made electronics as it does its signature scrap metal instruments. With less guys and more gear, Neptune rocks like The Fall, clangs like Neubauten and drones like Faust with improvised and not-so-improvised songs that you can almost dance to. Jason Sanford - Baritone guitar, spring harp, bass lamellophone, foot controlled oscillators, vocals Mark Pearson - Baritone guitar, oscillators, light switch synthesizer, percussion, drums, vocals Daniel Boucher - Drums, aplified floor tom, pipe xylophone, homemade synthesizer, vocals :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Behold: Neptune, the most harrowingly original band on this planet — or the next. Its three members are equal parts musicians, sculptors, scientists, blacksmiths, electricians, and industrial machinists; relentlessly inventive, possibly sane. Together, they construct all of their instruments, forging guitars and drums out of circular saw blades, gas tanks, oil drums, bike parts, VCR casings, and miscellany from the trash. Electronics, and even cords, are homemade as well. The combined effect is a bizarre, post-apocalyptic mélange of steel, iron, wire, rust, rivet, knob, and cable; it's lunacy, arc-welded for maximum destruction. Concerts are seizures of motion. Wearing 40-pound guitars assembled entirely from scrap metal, the members don't play their instruments — they battle them, like mechanized golems. But make no mistake, this is not simply art with sharp edges and serious customs issues. Neptune rocks. Hard. Recalling the slapdash angularity of The Fall, the rhythmic ack-ack blasts of This Heat, and the sheer proto-clangor of Einstürzende Neubauten, they count as one of the best experimental rock bands of any era. Their dynamic, expertly wrought songs and skilled improvisations don't start; they explode. Gong Lake is the band's first unlimited CD release, and with it listeners will discover what fans of their live shows have known for years: Neptune is otherworldly. - Jeff Hunt / Table of the Elements

Friday March 14, 2008 1:00am - 1:30am
The Hideout 617 Congress Ave

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